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I’m a natural-born problem solver; a trusted advisor; someone who tells it like it is. And, I’ve heard it all!




Providing structured career coaching, workplace management solutions and HR guidance to professionals when they need it most.


Let me help you:

  • Identify the right conversations to have with your manager and/or company HR department, and coach you through the process.

  • Manage difficult co-workers, executives and board members.

  • Find solutions to problems with clarity and confidence.

  • Script conversations and identify talking points for renegotiating your employment terms.

  • Determine viable options in times of professional crisis.

  • Find clarity in a safe environment.

  • Develop confidence and focus through career coaching.


Do you avoid approaching your company’s HR department about workplace issues because you don’t trust they’ll listen or prioritize your best interests? Are you at a crossroads at your current job? Do you need advice, a sounding board or a plan for managing your professional development, working relationships or an unforeseen career crisis?

Whether you’re a mid-level professional or a C-suite executive, there are times in your career when the greatest demands don’t come from the work, but from challenging employee situations

  • You’re having trouble communicating with your coworkers, management or board

  • Your team doesn’t like you

  • You’re not sure how to approach your manager or HR department about a raise

  • You’re stuck in a career rut

  • You just got laid off

  • You’re wondering if it’s time to look for a new position

  • You need to negotiate an employment contract or salary 

  • You require assistance dealing with conflict on the job


To navigate these rough waters, you’ll need more than ambition and good intentions; it requires clarity and guidance from a proven, results-oriented pro. Let me help.



Chief Marketing Officer


Karuna helped me resolve issues with my Board of Directors. As a new executive in the firm, I needed assistance figuring out the best ways to build trust and credibility with the Board.  She was amazing – she helped me script out conversations and even role-played those conversations, so I was better prepared. She helped me become a better executive!


Business Development Manager


I got laid off while I was six months pregnant and I felt the company had been unfair with my severance – especially with my health insurance benefits. I contacted Karuna and she immediately advised how to approach the HR department to sort out my severance and ask for additional health insurance. Her guidance was invaluable; in the end I got an additional 12 months of health insurance! If it weren’t for Karuna, I would not have known how to handle the situation. 


Senior Entertainment Industry Executive


I was shocked to learn out of the blue that my company had decided to fire me. This was a job I loved, and I couldn’t believe what was happening. To make matters worse, the company wanted to issue the press release about my exit in a matter of days. I contacted Karuna in a panic. Her main goal for me was to make my exit as graceful and supportive for my team as possible. Karuna stressed the importance of keeping calm, focusing on a positive outcome and not letting the anger take over. I took all the advice to heart and the meeting with my CEO went well. 


I relied on several phone calls and brief coffee meetings with Karuna over the following weeks. Without her coaching, I would’ve made a great number of mistakes which could’ve hurt my future. I exited with grace and a better understanding of my role in the whole process.


I’m immensely thankful for Karuna’s guidance. 


Senior Administrative Assistant 


I was having a problem with my manager and received an unfair negative performance evaluation. I didn’t know how to address the situation and didn’t feel comfortable going to my company’s HR department, as I believed they would side with my manager. A friend suggested contacting Karuna and I’m glad I did. Karuna was a great listener, and she outlined my available options. I took her advice and spoke with my manager and HR (Karuna helped me with what I should say), and I feel I got a fair hearing. HR was more helpful than I thought they would be, and I now have a better relationship with my manager. I actually like going to work! 



I have a long, successful track record of advising, supporting and guiding professionals through untenable work situations. Not only do I love finding fixes to seemingly impossible circumstances, I’ve been doing so for the greater part of my life.

With an educational background in science and engineering, and 20 years as an executive in the technology, entertainment and consulting industries under my

Karuna Mirchandani | Executive Whisperer

belt, my international expertise in human resources, strategic planning, operations, and mergers and acquisitions lead me to where I thrive:

Providing clear, structured career coaching to professionals when they need it most.

I can give you the guidance to maneuver troubling employee scenarios, mitigate workplace concerns and address HR-related issues before they snowball into nightmares.

If you’re in a job situation taking a bad turn, find yourself on a career trajectory that’s not in your best interest, or simply want the tools to maximize your professional impact, let me help.

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